If I can walk I can run

I think I can. But maybe I can’t so I won’t

I don’t feel sad anymore.

I feel numb.


Stuck in limbo.

I don’t feel like I can go on. What’s the point.

When you wake up and feel empty. You eat and keep eating cos you don’t feel full. The tv you used to love just isn’t interesting. Next. Fast forward. Pause. Stop.

But you can’t stop life. You can’t pause time. You can’t hide under the covers forever.

You have to move forward. You have to lift your head up put your shoulders back and march on.

You must use the lords strength to move on.

Why did it happen again? Why me? Failure. Regret. Sometimes there are no answers.

No plaster big enough.

Nothing can hide the pain.

But you have legs and if you have legs you can take a step.

You have arms you can open the door.

You have ears you can hear the wind.

You have eyes you can admire your surroundings.

If you can take a step out the door, you can walk.

If you can walk a lap you can run.

It’s tough you’re gonna want to stop. To quit. To sit down.

But you can’t cos you’re a fighter. You were born a champion.

Maybe you forgot or worse you don’t believe it.

But you are strong. God knitted you together in your mother’s womb.

God doesn’t make mistakes.

God is love.

You are loved.

It’s a new day.

You need to get up.

Pull yourself off the sofa.

Get out.

Out of your head. Your pity. Your black hole.

It’s a new day and you’re a champion.

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