The darkest place

What’s the darkest place you’ve ever been. Do you remember what it felt like?

Its been a while I know. I wish to write to you about a joyous January and the excitement of the new year. But I write to you from a dark place. A place of sadness a hole so dark and empty. I haven’t been on a run in the longest of times. I haven’t even left the house. I suffer from anxiety and depression and at the end of the year I hit rock bottom again. I say again because earlier last year I had a series of anxiety attacks and felt that I had finally overcome it. But here we are again. I’m overwhelmed, burnt out and broken. The darkest place. A hole so big I feel suffocated. Trapped in darkness. Darkness. And then there’s a ray, a light, faint in the distance. Flickering. I can see it, I can feel it. Warmth. It’s too far to reach. But I know it’s there a ray of hope. I’ll hold onto it with the little bit of energy I have left. I’ll try. I’ll keep fighting. I have to.

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