3 Super helpful tips to get running?

If you’re anything like me and bored of your traditional runs. Here are 3 tips I’ve started to use to make my runs more exciting.

Tip 1 – Make it fun 

Start by researching your destination. If you’ve been following my blog you’ll see I have outlined many great places in Southeastern area. But the general rule is to start by looking up the local place in the area you want to visit and work out how long it will take to get there like Severndroog Caslte (blog coming soon.) I work in miles so if I look up a route that says it is 4.7 miles I know it will take me about 50 mins and plan time accordingly.

Tip 2 – Work in miles

The best way to work out your minute: miles is to go for a 5 km run. 5 km is equivalent to 3 miles. So go for a 5km run and divide your time by 3 and you have a rough guide. I say roughly because these can change depending on how fast you run. I once went from 8-minute miles to 13. Quite a jump I know. But my general system is to give more time as you’re running to a location you want to know you’re not going to turn up worn out or too tired to appreciate the final destination.

Tip 3 – Keep it simple

You’re almost there. Once you’ve decided on your location and know how long it’s going to take you. Simply put the route into google maps on your phone, select walking route and you’re off – this is important some routes may take you down a different path or road you can’t access on foot. Then I suggest put you’re phone in a running armband connect to your headphones turn on Nike Run Club or Strave tracking app and you’re ready!

What are you waiting for fellow runners… get exploring.

Let me know what places you’re visiting?

Nadine x

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