3 ways to conquer your day

We’re living in tough times,

for most trapped at home only going outside for essential shopping or a little bit of excise. I’ve personally struggled physically, mentally and emotionally as I usually quite an active person. In this blog I’ll share 3 tips that you can use to claim back your day.

Get fresh air

Every morning when I wake up I open my window and take a big inhale of fresh air. This wakes me up and makes me feel ready to conquer the day. I also like to go for a daily walk round my local park for as little at 10 mins. If you don’t live near a park it could be as simple as sitting in your garden or eating lunch by a window.

Stick to a routine

This may sound simple but waking up at the same time each day. As comfortable as it might be ensure you get out of your pjs, and having a set activities that you do each day. Whether it’s excise, or work or a craft. I’ve started waking up at 9am each morning, I do a 9:30 virtual spin class and then am ready to face the day.

Take time to reflect

In times like these it’s important to track how you feel. I use the happiness planner, but any notebook will work. I write down what I plan to do during the day and in the evening I take time to reflect on the good things that have happened, what I’m grateful for, how I feel and the excise I do. This is a great way to reassess how I’m feeling and check into make sure I am doing ok.

Let’s be honest it’s not easy to stick to a routine, don’t be hard on yourself if every days not perfect, we’re all in this together. What is one thing that is in your daily routine?

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