Kickstart your weight loss journey and change your life in 30 days

Did you know that 95% of diets fail and most will regain their lost weight in 1-5 years according to a study on weight discrimination in 2011. Shocking right?

Think of the last time you tried to get fit… You excitedly signed up to a new health plan, joined the gym, life is going well until reality catches up with you. Before you know it you’ve slipped up, fallen off the wagon, and regrettably, you’re back to square one. Sound familiar?

I’ll be honest with you since gaining almost 5 stones last year, I’ve tried so many health plans without luck, I’ve lost count, as I’ve found out they don’t work for me. I have since discovered Bright Line Eating (BLE) and understood the power of accountability.

It’s only been 30 days but I feel lighter, happier, I can see a healthier future where I will reach my target goal weight, because unlike most plans I’ve discovered, BLE is so focused on community and support.

So how does it work?

There are 4 bright lines: no flour, no sugar, quantities, and 3 meals. Yes, you read correctly no sugar or flour shock horror. When I first heard about this plan I was like wait… no pizza, no pasta, no popcorn ever again. No way! Now I just see them as not my food. NMF! I’ve now learnt that you can cook so many wonderful meals without the need for sugar or flour. Veggies are my new best friends.

What about quantities?

On the plan you also have to weigh your food. Each meal is carefully planned out the night before, in ounces and this brings with it so much relief. What you share out as your meal to eat, that is what you eat, there’s no ambiguity about overeating or undereating because 1oz of oats is simply just 1 oz of oats. Not an ounce more or less.

No snacking

So no snacking. This was a hard one to get my head around as I am someone who had build up a habit of eating when I’m bored. Especially during this lockdown period, I realised I was literally walking into the kitchen and stuffing my face with crackers and bread not necessarily because I was hungry but just out of sheer boredom. So I’ve come to respect and appreciate just eating 3 meals.

I’ll be real – it’s been a hard adjustment I have had years of building up bad habits so it’s a complete change and adjustment to my relationship with food. I definitely feel like I’m moving in the right direction.

Does it work?

The most important question which you are probably wondering is, does it work? I have lost over 10lbs and the inches are shrinking (6 inches of my waist to be precise) I’m feeling more flexible and active. We’re not meant to exercise as it uses up our willpower, that we need to focus on our eating, so I’ve just been going on light walks to wake myself up each morning. I love exploring and getting lost in nature.

I’ve been meditating and journaling and spending more of my days focusing on what I’m grateful for and what I can do to serve others rather than obsessing over food. They say that BLE isn’t a diet it’s a lifestyle. I believe it’s true as it has completely shifted my mindset.

Community & Accountability

BLE is based on community and accountability they have many Facebook groups that you can use to exchange knowledge and acquire support. I have gained 2 buddies who I message daily to hold each other accountable to commit to the food we planned the night before. Moreover, I’ve joined a mastermind group which I use to check in with 3 other lovely ladies from across the world.

Excited to find out more?

If you’ve been struggling with your weight or relationship with food, I would recommend checking out BLE.

It could just be the answer you’ve been looking for!

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