Have you tried the Mountfield park stair challange?

Todays Rediscovery: Mountsfield Park

Now here’s a challange to get your heart rate up.

Although it had been raining all day. The rain held off for a couple hours so I decided to head off to the home of people’s day, Mountfield Park. Today the park was pretty empty with only a few dog walkers to be seen. But on the Saturday 7 July 2018, it will be filled with other 30,000 people eating, drinking and being merry.


Because of the quietness, I challenged myself to get the miles up by not only running 10km but darting up and down the steep staircase 10x times. If you’ve been there you know the stairs I mean.

Mountfield park is a good park for walking, chatting, chilling and of course running. Maybe on you’re next run you can do the Mountfield Stair Challange – I dare you!

Nadine x




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