Painting the town Red

Happy Monday! It’s the 1st of February, a new month for opportunities, discoveries, and new learnings.

I wanted to take a second to reflect on my Red January challenge. I’ve actually been doing it for the past few years, never been consistent, and made it to the end. This year I added accountability. If you follow me on Instagram you would have been able to follow along with my daily posts. Having my friends and family cheer me on from the sidelines really encouraged me and helped me to push on, especially on the days when I felt lazy, tired, and couldn’t be bothered to leave the sofa.

As soon as I started moving I felt alive, energised and so much better.

So what were my biggest takeaways?

✅ 31 days of movement
✅ Trying out different exercise classes including doing my first Pilates workout and a live workout with Dame Kelly Holmes – absolutely loved it!
✅ Mindset shift this month if felt so much more positive and able to tackle my daily tasks, this has also allowed me to be more present and live in the moment.
✅ Body obviously it’s not all about the number on the scale but I was excited to see I had lost just over 7 lbs this month and finally have a normal bmi 💪🏾
✅ Community it’s been amazing to see every Red’er taking part and help support the awesome charity Sport in Mind.

Take a second to reflect. What’s been your biggest accomplishment this month? 👏
Let me know in the comments below

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