Red footprints in the sand

I love the beach. It’s one of my favourite places to just be, the sand between your toes the waves crashing back and forth there’s nothing like it.

When I first started mindful running I was unsure, I remember asking to my friend how do you run without music or an audiobook? Where’s does the motivation to get moving come from? I have now learnt it comes from within. If the reason to get running is strong enough, you’ll get moving, no matter what is or isn’t playing in your ears. My motivation for running as well as getting fit is to help with my anxiety as it calms me down and clears my thoughts.

I’m currently in Grenada and obviously one of the first things I did when I work up early this morning, was jog along the beach and I must say it’s a step up from the grey tarmac back home.

Mindful running blog, Grenada, Image by Nadine Grant

There’s really nothing like it the soothing sounds of the waves crashing at your feet the, wind softly purring and the sweet sounds of nature in the distance. It was all going well until I decided to try take it up a notch. As I was running I would occasionally come to a small bridge into the water that I would have to run around. Why not combine cardio with a bit of strength training and box jump over the bridge simple as. Simple. Right?

Mindful running blog, Grenada, Image by Nadine Grant

Wrong…As I bent my knees and surged up with my arms to give me momentum. I was moving. And then crash. Ouch I thought as I felt a stinging sensation to my chin. Then I looked at my finger it was red, covered in blood. Oh no what had I done. “Are you ok?” a couple asked as they walked past me with concerned looks on their faces. “Of course” I said as I pulled myself up to continue running. Then I felt it the burning, ripping through my thigh. I looked down and all I saw was red, and lines like someone had taken a razor blade to my thigh. Oh dear! What do you do your alone in a middle of the beach, do I yell for help, do I cry. No don’t cry whatever you do don’t cry keep on moving, so I ran as fast as I could. In the distance I could see my parents. Help was just around the corner.

Mindful running blog, Grenada, Image by Nadine Grant

Fellow runners, as I write this, shandy in my hand nursing my wound. I leave you with some wise words save the box jumps for the gym and stick to burpees in the sand.

Have you had any fitness mishaps? I’d love to know in the comments below.

Nadine x

3 thoughts on “Red footprints in the sand

  1. Wow! I bet that was a rude awakening for you. Great to know you’re on the recovery path. My cycling mishap was misreading an hair pin bend and crashing into barriers instead of turning!! 🙁

  2. Yikes! Ouch!! Having grown up around beaches my whole life, I’m super familiar with the injuries that can happen while you are soaking up the sun and appreciating the beauty of the crashing waves. Although this story didn’t have the happiest of endings, I really did feel the drive to dig out my running shoes and hit the sand. Thanks so much for that.

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