The best way to kick-start your weekend.

Today’s Discovery: Hilly Fields Park Run

Getting your weekend started off right can be a challange with the temptation to lie in till the early afternoon.

Today I woke up early. Well for me on a Saturday jumping out of bed at 7 am full of energy is early. But instead of trying to stay in bed. I got up. I did my meditations, read a little and with time to spare head of for Hilly Fields Park run.

Note: They don’t call it hilly fields for nothing.

The hill

Park run are local timed 5km run that happens in local parks in South East London and all over the country at 9 am on Saturday. Although this may seem early once your up and out you feel refreshed and energised to kick-start your day. And because it’s timed and your running alongside many other people it encourages you to be a bit competitive and try and beat your previous time. Who doesn’t love a healthy competition against themselves?

Nadine x



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