The greatest escape

Today’s discovery: Chinbrook Meadows

Happy Sunday fellow runners. Why do you run? Like why do you really run? Apart from the obvious health benefits why do you choose to run rather than go to the gym or play a team or racket sport or other physical activity? Maybe you do both.

I personally find going to the gym boring, the monotony of the machines. Being stuck inside. I find running for me is a great escape. I tend to run when I need to clear my mind and running (especially without music) gives me an opportunity to lose myself in my thoughts.

I recently discovered Chinbrook Meadows in Grove Park which offers an alternative to road running as you can literally get lost in nature. Just inside the park by the play area, there is a path that leads you to the beauty. Miles and miles of green, paths that take you on another adventure.

When writing this blog post it made me wonder what it means to escape. The dictionary defines escape as:

an act of breaking free from confinement or control

a form of temporary distraction from reality or routine

Running allows me to break through the distractions of technology and all the day to day pulls of people trying to gain my attention. Running is a chance literally escape reality and to focus on solely me. Running is a chance to celebrate the life God has blessed me with and consider all I am grateful for. Running is awesome.

I’m always curious why people run, what are your motivations leave a comment below

Nadine x

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