Time to get your sweat on at Lovefit Festival

Today’s Discovery: Lovefit Festival

Over 500 people exercising and partying in a field. The crowds, the energy, the positive vibes – what could be more fun!

How to make the most of your first fitness festival

Seize of the day

With so many activities to choose from, there’s something for everyone from kick boxing to hiit to dance! There was also a hot tub in the sanctuary to chill in with a glass of prosecco after a long day of training.

I had a massive fitness filled day starting the day with kick boxing, then went to power wave. If you haven’t heard of it it’s a weighted sandbag you use to intensify your workout our class was a paired combination of squat jumps and burpees going from 3 reps to 30, with 100 mountain climbers in between. The 13 minute workout felt like an hour long death session. But like they say no pain no gain. I then went on to a circuits and spin session. Picture it now about 30 bikes in the middle of the field, music pumping, chest proud, legs marching to the beat. Pure bliss! I think it’s fair to say that was my favourite session. I then proceeded to a hot yoga session. My biggest take away from this session was that I need to work on my balance and coordination. I believe fitness is a journey. Yoga is great to pair up with running, so I’m looking forward to adding it into my program. Finally finished the day with a Pop Fit dance workout. Fun Fun Fun! I definitely earned my dinner, I beat my daily move goal by 400 times and burnt 1706 calories.

Explore explore explore

Make the most of the beautiful location and get exploring. I heard there was a lake, I set of to find it with curiosity and excitement and shortly got lost. Fortunately I found a group of girls who were also on their way, so we decided to find it together. When the written signs disappeared we were guided by a blue ribbon tied to trees and railings, the whole way to the lake, which makes you feel like you’re in a scene from Hansel and Gretel. We made our way to the lake through sheep farms, over locked gates and up steep hills, until we found the beautiful lake cut of from the rest of the festival. It’s a beautiful spot for lunch, to reflect on your thoughts and appreciate nature’s pure beauty.

Plan your route ahead (Or have a back up plan)

You’re not in London anymore, so don’t rely on city mapper. When I looked up the route it said one direct train from home than an uber direct to the festival. Easy right. Note the festival was deep in Kent, so you were looking at a 10 minute drive verse a 90 minute walk. No thank you. When you’re from London this can be quite a shock no ubers in sight, then when you manage to finally book on it comes all the way from Orpington. Not a problem, a little waiting can be a great opportunity to think about the plan for the day ahead. The way home was equally as fun, multiple times searching for cars with none in sight, eventually I had to ask the security guards to help me book a local cab home. What did we use to do without technology.

Push yourself out of your comfort zone

The festival was full of festival goer some in big groups, some alone, at some point I lost my friend so ended up wondering alone. It’s daunting doing anything alone, but you’ll be surprised how friendly fitness people are. I soon met a group of friendly girls who took me under their wing. I’ll deffo be back next year, for the whole weekend – a day just isn’t enough. I wouldn’t have thought I could do 5 workouts back to back but I did and felt great!

I urge you to push yourself fellow runners, maybe it’s not a fitness festival maybe it’s a different fitness class or upping your weights in the gym.

I know you can do it – I have faith in you!

Nadine x

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