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Today’s Achievement: Hackney Half Marathon

It was great, glorious and I’m grateful!

Today Sunday 20th May I conquered Hackney half marathon, running through the streets of Hackney and the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park which felt like a festival atmosphere. Why? Apart from my love for running. This year, 300 runners and I were running for the Tribe Foundation an amazing charity fighting against modern slavery in the UK it is a beautiful cause so I felt compelled to take part.

Not everyone likes races. I didn’t think I would but since my first half marathon last year. 13.1 long miles of bliss. You could say I caught the bug. That imaginary bug that everyone talks about. But there is really nothing like a race day the streets flooded with people cheering, there’s music. There’s just this warm atmosphere that makes you feel like you can achieve anything. And you can.

Yes as you get on your running gear or you sit there on your couch, or bus or wherever you are, reading this in disbelief, like I couldn’t do this. You can. YES, YOU CAN. I personally believe that you can do anything you set your mind to. Plus according to statistics running is 14% mental. What completing a half comes down to is training. There are many training plans you can find online but ensuring you get out and run is essential. Not quite ready for a half there are many 5km and 10km runs that you can do. Start with park run.

Whatever you do get moving. Start small and work your way up e.g. a 15min brisk walk around your local park. Fellow runner I know you can do it. Set yourself a goal no matter the size, write it down, and share it with someone to help hold you accountable.

What challenge are you going to set yourself?

Nadine x

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