What’s your Kaizen?


Have you heard of it?

It is a Japanese philosophy which means continuous improvement.

Broken down Kai – means change Zen – means good.

I discovered the phrase recently and I was really inspired as to how I could implement it into my life.

If you’re like me, you set big goals, but a few days later you’re ready to give up.

This is very evident in my life, most recently I signed up for a 30 day yoga challenge. 

I started strong.

But by day 5, I wanted to quit.

My arm strength meant that my downward dog was like a wobbly bridge.

I was looking at the clock constantly willing the 10 minute session to come to a close.

My mind wasn’t in it.

Have you been there?

What did I do?

I changed my mindset.

I said to myself instead of seeing myself as someone uncoordinated with no strength I’m a yogi in the making.

I saw the 10 minutes as a tiny fraction of my day, that would improve my mental, physical and spiritual life.

I saw myself at the end of the challenge, being that much stronger.

I realised something needed to change.

So I started with the sun salutation sequence.

12 simple steps that I could do in my own time.

I found a shorter 5 minute workout to easy me into it yoga.

I used Kaizen to boss my morning yoga session.

Sometimes when we’re too focused on the finish line, we don’t enjoy the journey.

How can you use Kaizen to reach your goals?

Maybe you don’t want to become a yoga enthusiast, maybe you want to finally finish the book you started a couple of months ago or complete a triathlon.

When you break down your goal into small simple steps.

When you keep assessing and looking where you can improve.

When you change your mindset and see yourself as already a champion.

Success is waiting for you round the corner.

What ways can you use Kaizen to change aspects of your life?

Let me know in the comments below?

Nadine x

2 thoughts on “What’s your Kaizen?

  1. Good for you on your yoga challenge! 🙂 I have never heard of this before, but really love the meaning! I’m all about personal development and continuing to create the best version of myself daily. I think this is awesome!

    Make Life Marvelous

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