Why can’t I find the motivation to run?

Sometimes it’s your body and sometimes it’s your mind. The difficult decision is knowing which one to listen to. And whether it’s a physical limitation stopping you or it’s your mind.

Firstly apologies for the delay in this blog coming. I must confess I haven’t run in a while. But I want amindfulrun to be an honest representation of my mindfulness journey, so I’m gonna keep it real. The last blog I wrote was when I was in Grenada and it was pure bliss apart from my little fall (you can ready about that here). But imagine it now the sun shining your running along crisp sand you hear the sea singing in the background. The motivation is there.

Then you get back home to England. And it’s cold, windy, back to normal routine. It musta been post-holiday blues. But nothing would motivate me to leave the house and run. I was in a really low place. I’d come in from work and collapse on the sofa unmotivated, uninspired and very unlike me. It was like an annoying bug I couldn’t shake.

Then the other day I was in town, I just missed the bus and at that moment I was like let’s run home. It was a lot slower than usual. I didn’t make it up the massive hill. But I was moving. I was running. I was back. My main learning is sometimes you have to take it slow, every day is not a massive mile accomplishment but it’s the small steps forward that you take that you have to be grateful for.

Fellow runners, have you ever been there? I’d love to know what you do to motivate yourselves. Let me know in the comments below.

Nadine x

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5 thoughts on “Why can’t I find the motivation to run?

  1. Ughh I totally feel this way.. Sometimes we must push ourselves.. I’m at almost the same place as you.. I’m moving to a new house, and I haven’t had a good run in about a month! I’m just postponing it, because I feel that there are more important things to do right now.. I don’t know.. Hopefully when I move into my house I’ll get back into it…

  2. Here in Texas, it is hot and humid… A definite deterrent to being active outside! So, I totally get you on this one. Even when it’s nice outside, it’s hard to break away from work and get outside… The struggle is real!
    Good for you for getting back into running! You go girl ?

    Best of luck getting back into running,

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